Covid-19 Lead Worker Representative

All workplaces should have a competent person to ensure that the guidance and information provided by the Government and other stakeholders, is understood and being implemented both prior to re-entry to these workplaces and on a day to day basis thereafter.

Duration: Virtual Classroom – 2.5 Hours

Candidates: Maximum of 12

Prerequisites: N/A

Award: Safety Solutions Certification

Assessment: Theory Assessment

Price: €65

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Covid-19 Lead Worker Representative

Accredited by: Safety Solutions Group

COVID19 Office Environment Response Manager/Lead Worker Representative Training – Virtual Classroom



All businesses will require a COVID-19 Response Manager/Lead Worker Representative. This person will need to be trained. This is different to the COVID-19 Induction that all  workers will have to complete before resuming work.


 By the end of the course you should have a greater understanding of COVID-19 and its symptoms; How the virus is transmitted and how to prevent it;  The roles and duties of COVID-19 Response Manager/Lead Worker Representative.  The COVID-19 Management Plan  Checklist

Who should attend/Pre-Requisites  

COVID-19 Office Environment Response Manager/Lead Worker Representative 

Max. number of participants 



Theory  Assessment


2.5 Hours


Safety Solutions Certification


  • What is COVID-19?
  • How is COVID-19 Transmitted?
  • The principles of prevention for COVID-19
  • What is the COVID 19 Site Management Plan?
  • COVID-19 Response Manager/Lead Worker Representative
  • What to do if someone becomes unwell or symptomatic
  • Daily Checklists
  • Workplace signage
  • Multiple Choice questionnaire